Plasmid Drawing Tool


CGView is a free online molecular biology tool for generating high quality, zoomable maps of circular genomes. The program generates a series of hyper linked maps showing expanded views.

  Primer Design Tool


Primer3 is a free primer design and analysis software for PCR and real time PCR experiments. Primer3 can also select primers for a sequencing reactions and can design hybridization probes.

  Sequence Alignment Tool
ClustalW2 is a free Multiple Sequence Alignment tool which produces biologically meaningful multiple sequence alignments of divergent Nucleotide or protein sequences.


ClustalW2 is a free sequence alignment software for DNA or proteins. ClustalW2 facilitates uploading multiple nucleotide or protein sequences and calculates the best match for the selected sequences.

T-Coffee is a free Multiple Sequence Alignment tool which aligns a given set of nucleotide or protein sequences.


T-Coffee is a multiple sequence alignment tool for DNA or proteins. It generates multiple sequence alignment for a given set of DNA or protein sequences. It also allows to combine results obtained with several sequence alignment tools, to generate a more accurate sequence alignment.

  Sequence Analysis Tool

Oligo Calc

OligoCalc is a free sequence analysis tool. This online tool reports DNA and RNA single stranded and double stranded properties which include molecular weight, solution concentration, melting temperature, absorbance coefficient and various other related properties.

  Sequence Format Conversion Tool


Readseq is a free online biological file conversion program. Readseq reads biological files in various file formats and converts the file to a desired format as defined by the user.



  Sequence Analysis Tool

Repeat Masker

RepeatMasker is an online sequence analysis tool that screens DNA sequences for interspersed repeats and low complexity DNA sequences. This tool screens DNA sequences in FASTA format against a library of repetitive elements and returns a masked query sequence ready for database searches.

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